Homemade Facial Mask for Aging Skin

The skin is the largest organ of the body that acts as a protective barrier against all kinds of environmental factors small and large.  It is also sensitive and needs maintaining though out our lifetime.  As we grow older our skin loses moisture so naturally it tends to look dry and wrinkled. Moisture loss also causes the skin to sag causing wrinkles and evident expression lines.  Environmental pollution, stress and exposure to strong sunlight accelerates the process of aging, making the skin look dull and tired, even at  younger ages.  Keeping wrinkles at bay becomes particularly difficult after 35 years. There are many anti-aging skin care products available in the market to ease wrinkles and make your skin look firmer.

Commercial facial products can be very costly and don’t  guarantee promised results.  Nature has given us some of the most amazing ingredients that can perform miracles in the fight against wrinkles. Using ingredients from mother nature is an excellent method to rejuvenate aging skin. This post has recipes for homemade facial masks that help fight wrinkles and fine lines.  All of these facial masks recipes  use simple ingredients that are readily available in your home.   Consistent use of the homemade facial masks presented here can effectively combat wrinkles exposing younger and brighter skin.

Homemade facial mask with cream of carrot that helps smooth wrinkles.

Carrot facial mask recipeCarrots are a great origin of beta carotene - a nutrient known for its powerful ability to fight skin aging. Beta-carotene in carrots maintains collagen in skin tissues, making it appear closer and tighter. Carrots should be mixed with other ingredients such as a nourishing moisturizer to help fight wrinkles effectively. To make a carrot cream facial mask, extract fresh carrot juice 2-3 carrots. To this add 2-3 tablespoons of fresh cream. Whip the cream and carrot juice until it is thick and foamy. This nourishing mask should be applied over the face and neck.  Take careful precautions when applying the mask on the skin near the eyes.  The skin surrounding the eyes may take more care because this skin  is very delicate and is more apt to wrinkles.  This recipe will help eliminate wrinkles while nourishing and hydrating  the skin, making it glow. Leave this mask on your skin for 10-15 minutes then rinse with warm water. This mask may also helps to lighten the skin tone.  Fresh carrot juice may also be combined with other moisturizing ingredients such as  glycerin or honey to make other anti-aging facial masks.

Using Honey as an anti-aging facial mask.

Honey works well as a  natural moisturizer that  counters fine lines and wrinkles, plus evens the skin tones.   A facial mask with  mashed banana and honey is excellent for treating aging skin.  Honey can rehydrate the skin while the banana ingredients will make it firmer and softer.  Leave this mask in place for 10-15 minutes before washing off.  Honey mixed with crushed oats can make another  anti-aging facial mask.  This mask will combat  wrinkles and fine lines and gently exfoliate skin leaving it clean and free of imperfections.  Honey mixed with a small amount of rose water can also fight aging skin. Honey and rosewater can prevent wrinkles and leave your skin feeling fresh and renewed.



Avocado contains several essential fatty acids which cures wrinkles and fine lines. Regular use avocado as a facial mask can be effective in the fight against aging facial skin.  You can make a simple Avocados are an excellent facial mask ingredient.facial mask from avocado simply by mashing a ripe one and applying it to the face and neck. Leave it there for 10-15 minutes before washing off.  Avocado mixed with other moisturizing agents like honey can provide you with additional age fighting facial masks.  Avocado and Honey, both are great natural ingredients to prevent and eliminate wrinkles.   Consistent application of this mask can reduce  and shrink wrinkles and hide fine lines.

Using Eggs for reducing wrinkles

Eggs contain lots of important nutrients such as vitamin D and vitamin E.  Both vitamins make skin firmer and help alleviate wrinkles.  To make a mask with egg, take 2 egg yolks and beat thoroughly.  Add 2 tablespoons of honey and mix well.  Spread this mask on your neck and face.   The yolks from eggs will make the tighten the skin while honey rehydrates and moisturizes making your skin smooth, wrinkle free and soft.  Beaten eggs  mixed with fresh cream can form a natural face mask for wrinkles and aging skin. This facial mask assists aging skin and can lighten tones.

Olive oil and wrinkles

One of  the most effective natural oils to help aging skin is Olive oil.  Olive oil has many essential fatty acids that perform an important role in making the skin appear smoother, firmer and softer.  Olive oil can be combined with other  natural ingredients like avocado or honey to make a super anti-aging mask.  Remember to use a mild face wash after using a facial mask made from olive oil because it may leave your skin oily.

Peach facial mask for tighter skin

Peach facial mask for tighter skinPeach is a great fruit that can fight wrinkles and thin lines. Peaches contain a high content of vitamin C and vitamin A which help  prevent wrinkles and  lines.  Puree a fresh peach and mix with the egg whites to form a powerful anti-aging facial mask.  Fresh peach puree can eliminate wrinkles while nourishing egg whites brighten the skin. This mask is also effective in the treatment of blemishes and dark spots that come to the surface with the loss of collagen.

Wrinkle free soft skin with Yogurt

Use yogurt as a  natural ingredient that can reduce or eliminate wrinkles.  Yogurt is full of vitamin A, which helps greatly in the fight against wrinkles.  Yogurt works well to  nourish the skin and even skin tone.  A facial mask that combines banana and yogurt  is great to smooth skin and make it supple and wrinkle free. Yogurt combined with cream also works as an effective anti-aging cream.   Cream is an intensive moisturizer that will hydrate the skin and keep it from sagging.